The threats facing the modern world seem unending. From physical breaches to cyber attacks, companies and governments across the globe are scrambling to protect themselves from those who wish to do harm.

Security is a challenging, tireless job that requires eternal vigilance. Security professionals across the world face an unending wave of criminals and terrorists looking to exploit any and every loophole or gap in protection. Some bad guys take a high-tech approach while others go basic; meaning the number of potential threats is infinite and methods of attack always changing.

With that in mind, how does our nation's security efforts stack up? According to a recently released report, The Federal Government's Track Record on Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure, not well at all. reports that US federal agencies are failing to employ very basic security measures.

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As impossible as it may seem, security must always be on, alert and ready. Does that mean security can thwart any and every threat from happening? Only in a perfect world is that possible. Even with the best security programs, there is always a chance that criminal activity will occur.

While the report recognizes that our nation has come a long way with security, it also shows that it still has much to do for solidify our defenses against those who wish to do harm.