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Top 10 Dog Breeds for Protection

// posted on Monday, August 26, 2013

Aug 26


Today is National Dog Day. So, what does that mean for security?

Dogs are often called all-in-one security systems because of their innate ability to deter, detect and react to situations—often providing one of the greatest sources of protection for businesses, homes and people. Throughout human history, people have relied upon dogs to provide a line of defense against the unknown and other threats.

So, which dogs are best at providing security?, a dog training website and resource, has created a list of the Top 10 Dog Breeds for Protection.

Top 10 Dog Breeds for Protection

1. Bullmastiff – This breed is known for its physical strength, protection instincts, courageousness, and extreme family loyalty. If an intruder crosses its path, a Bullmastiff will typically use its strength to knock them over or block their path. The breed is very docile in a family environment, however, and makes a great household pet.

2. Doberman Pinscher – If you have a large piece of property that you are trying to protect, a Doberman Pinscher is a great guard dog for you. This breed is incredibly fast and is able to reach an intruder in a short amount of time. Known as the fifth-smartest dog breed in the world, Dobermans are fearless, alert, and loyal dogs.

3. Rottweiler – Originally bred as cattle-protecting dogs, Rottweilers are known to be relentless protectors of their pack. They are an intelligent breed and extremely loyal to their owners. Rottweilers are known to be aloof with strangers until properly introduced to them and are very quick learners.

See numbers 4-10 here -

While dogs are great for security, they are still living creatures that can get tired or be distracted. They also can't speak to tell you where a threat came from, what happened leading up to their encounter or provide recorded, visual evidence for future prosecution or remediation. That's why it's important to utilize several solutions for your security, such as employing surveillance camera systems, security guards, access control and others.

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Declassified Business Security File #3

// posted on Thursday, July 04, 2013

Jul 04

While criminals are always on the lookout for when a business seems most susceptible to a break-in, there are specific times when they do the most damage.

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Declassified Business Security File #2

// posted on Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jun 11

When it comes to preventing and solving crimes, surveillance video is only as good as the person looking at it. But what if the cameras could learn to spot suspicious behavior before a crime is committed?

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Mar 25


Is airport security becoming too advanced for its own good? Low-tech breaches may pose a significant danger. 
In today’s technology obsessed world, many companies often focus their security on stopping criminals who may hack their computer servers or dress in all-black special ops gear for a late night heist. Unsurprisingly, some criminals find a low-tech approach can often be the most successful.
There’s a saying that if you walk in somewhere like you own the place no one will question you. This kind of attitude, which surprisingly can be very effective, demands vigilance by security at all times. Take for instance a recent event at the Philadelphia International Airport. There, a phony pilot bluffed his way through airport security, boarded a U.S. Airways flight and actually made it all the way into the cockpit before the crew realized he was lying and arrested. In a situation reminiscent of Leonardo Dicaprio’s movie Catch Me If You Can, French citizen Phillipe Jeannard dressed like an Air France captain and even sported a fake Air France I.D. card. Fortunately, no one was harmed and no damage done… except to confidence in the airport’s security.

While the airport’s security will be thoroughly evaluated, its huge error provides a great opportunity for you to review how your organization protects itself. What kind of security are you employing and what kind of holes may there be? Physical security, an incredibly important aspect for proper safety, provides a primary buffer against criminal activity. When used in tandem with security technology, such as surveillance cameras, behavioral analytics software and access control, it helps ensure you employ several layers of security so an incident like the phony pilot doesn’t happen to you. It’s also important to make sure that physical security is doing its job. While access control can provide a secure barrier to unauthorized access by employees without true credentials, security guards are typically the first ones to interact with a potential criminal and could prevent the incident before advancing. Security guards must always be on their toes and demand proper procedures from everyone they encounter while on the job that is trying to gain access somewhere.

While many people get caught up in the latest security technology and protection methods, which can be essential to security, it’s important we don’t forget to keep our guard up and watch for the less obvious breaches. State-of-the-art security technology can do a lot to help protect us, but in the end it still comes down to people as being the most important line of defense.

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