Since the events of December 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut, Crescent Guardian has been actively reaching out to school administrators to offer guidance as well as meticulously following news stories and developments in technologies designed to specifically secure our children's schools. Some schools, such as Emerson Academy in Dayton, Ohio, have gotten creative with an automated 'machine' called the Lobby Guard, whereas others are still in debate over the presence of armed or unarmed guards in their schools and whether that is a good use of community funds. The answer is simple: Yes, it is

While a robot monitoring the halls seems like a good idea on paper (maybe not the balance sheet), the fact is that someone - teacher, police officer, armed guard - still needs to be present to dispatch any serious threat. The few minutes that could take could be the difference between a peaceful resolution or something more dire. One example of an elementary school facing this dilemma, of many across the country, is Eliot Elementary in Tulsa, Oklahoma. While they have finally been able to hire an armed guard for $10,000 (this article does not state if the duration is for a year or specific times on duty), the school is still receiving push-back from parents who do not want guns present on the campus—at all.

We applaud the school for this effort, and without getting into whether or not the option of an unarmed or Taser/pepper spray-yielding guard could have been an option, the fact remains that a person devoted to the security of an area is better than no protection at all. Could $10,000 have gone to computers? Absolutely. But without anyone to ensure they stay on premises, they're only useful tools until they walk out the door. 

Our children's security should never be up for discussion. The options are plentiful: Guards, cameras, RFID badges... Even a robot. Something is better than nothing.

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