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Security Threats From the Center of the Earth

// posted on Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Aug 14

Security guards are trained extensively to spot and respond to all kinds of threats. From suspicious people, vehicles, unattended bags… you name it. But there will invariably be threats from the unexpected, including being attacked by the earth.

Summer Bay Resort, a hotel 10 miles west of Disney World, is swallowed by the earth. Fortunately, a security guard made quick decisions that saved over 20 lives.Sinkholes, for example, have become big news lately as sneaky assassins taking out roads, homes and businesses in a single, earth-shaking gulp. There have been incredible instances of sinkholes instantly appearing in states across the country, even in our home base of Louisiana. It is exactly these sort of surprise threats where having a person dedicated to security is invaluable.

Crescent Guardian likes to celebrate the actions of individuals who have made us proud to be a part of the security industry. Richard Shanley, a security guard at a resort hotel 10 miles west of Florida's Disney World, has been credited with saving the lives of more than 20 guests through his situational awareness and quick, fearless actions. Not only did he recognize the imminent collapse of a building due to shifting limestone, but he ran end to end of the building ensuring everyone had evacuated.

Whether there is a medical emergency, fire or some type of crime, security guards like Mr. Shanley prove that when the heat rises you want someone who can handle and mitigate the situation with ease. We salute Mr. Shanley and all those, our team included, who spot and react to threats from above, around, and especially below their charge.

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Jul 23


Do you have an eye for security? Here's your chance to prove it. Try to find all five security threats in the image below in less than 20 seconds.

If a security team has not yet integrated behavioral analytics into their surveillance camera system, which can spot and prevent threats before they can become crimes, then they must rely on human eyes to watch and catch everything.

Now you get to test yourself and see how well you'd do watching one camera.


The Pope, Security Personnel and You

// posted on Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jul 17

The Pope is heading to Brazil next week, and so is a massive security force—Technically, a small army. The head of the Catholic church is visiting Rio de Janeiro July 22-28 for World Youth Day, a major Roman Catholic event that is expected to draw more than 1.5 million pilgrims to the city.

According to the defense ministry, which is coordinating the security, 7,000 police will beef up the city's 12,000 police, in addition to 1,700 members of the elite National Force and units of the civilian, highway and federal police forces." It is also boosting from an initial 8,500 to 10,266 the number of army, air force and navy personnel to be deployed for the high-profile event, which will handle security in 10 areas, including control of the airspace, border surveillance, chemical and biological weapons, explosives trade, maritime defense and cyber-security.

That's quite a force to be reckoned with, but you can be sure criminals and terrorists are looking for gaps in that protection. Even with the best security programs, there is always a chance that criminal activity will occur. Most crimes occur because the criminal found the right opportunity to act. The criminal’s inclination and the victim came together at a time and place where the criminal felt they could successfully commit the crime with minimal risk of interference or apprehension. That is, the criminal found circumstances and conditions to be within their comfort zone. The key is to make criminals feel as though the cost of committing a crime is too high and not worth attempting.

So then, what is a business executive or person not quite on the level of the Pope but still concerned with safety whether at home or when traveling? Typically, the answer involves hiring personnel who can watch their back. Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in the need for armed security personnel accompanying executives on overseas travel. Armed guards offer the client peace of mind and can also be a very effective deterrent. For a more specific example and all too common occurrence, an executive traveling in a somewhat hostile country in South America can be accosted by a potential kidnapper. An armed guard is able to efficiently protect the executive and send the would-be kidnapper on their way without incident.

Security is almost never cut and dry—Meaning it typically takes a lot of planning and preparation. So while armed security guards often provide the best option for those concerned with safety while traveling, it is imperative the client discuss their situation with a qualified security firm so that a risk assessment can be performed. Even if you aren't the Pope with an armada of security surrounding you, there are options that will keep you safe and give you peace of mind.

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