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Businesses: Close Your Open Door Policy

// posted on Thursday, October 03, 2013

Oct 03

On the heels of the tragic Navy Yard shootings in Washington D.C. where 12 victims were killed, along with the gunman, a new study has revealed that the potential for additional incidents occurring is high.

A recently released poll showed 40% of American workers say that in terms of security, anyone can walk into their building unchallenged. Yet 94% said that they feel safe and secure at work.

What's alarming is that even with mass shootings and workplace violence making big headlines over the last few years, many companies today seem to be turning a blind eye to the potential serious threats facing them.

Most people don't think about their security until something unfortunate happens and it's too late. By employing even minimal security measures, such as guard services, you can often reduce your business insurance premiums and also give you and your employees greater peace of mind.

According to the report, about 2 million American workers are victimized each year by workplace violence, which includes everything from threats and verbal abuse to simple assaults, aggravated assaults and homicides, which is one of the leading causes of deaths on the job. Even simple assaults can cause debilitating injuries, not to mention emotional trauma. And they can be costly, both personally and in terms of disrupting business.

Ensuring the security of your business and employees is not something to take lightly. With criminals and evil-doers looking to exploit any gap in protection, security needs to be constantly assessed and evaluated to prevent loopholes from developing and turning into gaping holes.

Will your business fall victim to crime?  

Even with the best security programs, there is always a chance that criminal activity will occur. Most crimes occur because the criminal found the right opportunity to act. The criminal’s inclination and the victim came together at a time and place where the criminal felt they could successfully commit the crime with minimal risk of interference or apprehension. That is, the criminal found circumstances and conditions to be within their comfort zone. The key is to make criminals feel as though the cost of committing a crime is too high or not worth attempting.

To evaluate any vulnerabilities in your security, we are offering free security assessments to qualified* businesses as well as reviewing what measures may assist with the protection of your building, assets, and people.

When it comes to protecting your business, our 20+ years experience protecting both public and private entities across the nation has given us unique and valuable insight that can provide you with more security at lower overall operating costs. Let us show you how we can help protect your business. Here's a link to our capabilities brochure to get you started.

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8 big challenges facing CIOs and IT leaders in 2014

// posted on Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Oct 02


What’s the biggest tech trend facing businesses right now? Is it the rise of mobile? BYOD? Cloud computing? Consumerization?

The fact is, you could make a case for any one of them…which highlights the most important point: We’re currently going through a fundamental shift in technology. We’re seeing a number of disruptive technologies converging on businesses at the same time. When combined, these changes create a unique set of challenges for CIOs and IT leaders going into 2014.

So, what are the biggest challenges facing CIOs and IT leaders in the coming year? Perhaps a better question: How can they address these challenges? We asked these questions to other CIOs and IT leaders, and have listed these responses below. I’ve also included a brief tip on how to address each challenge. So, without further ado, here are the biggest challenges facing CIOs and IT leaders in the coming year:

Challenge #1: How to address physical and IT security

Modern IT departments are currently facing a fundamental shift in security practices. Applications are moving to the web. Employees are using their own mobile devices. Cloud-based, consumer applications are creeping into the business. The challenge of securing devices and data that are increasingly beyond their control is something that CIOs and IT leaders will struggle with in the coming year (and beyond).

“As we enter a brave new world that increasingly relies upon technology and the cloud, it is clear that a fully integrated business plan involving both physical and IT security is critical,” says Ray Cavanagh, a board member of the ASIS Physical Security Council and Physical Security for Cloud Computing Council, and VP of Crescent Guardian, Inc. “But, alarmingly, it is often given minimal attention and puts everyone involved at more risk.”

How to address this challenge?

What’s the answer? Cavanagh shares his thoughts on the matter:

“Both the IT organization and the security team must develop an easy-to-implement, organized plan that incorporates all aspects of security,” explains Cavanagh. “The benefits of such a plan can reduce criminal activity, service disruptions and other risk factors that could impede business continuity. While completely eliminating all threats is impossible, a comprehensive, integrated security plan that converges both physical and IT security can put companies in a position of power instead of fear, action instead of reaction.”

Read about the other seven challenges here.

Declassified Business Security File #3

// posted on Thursday, July 04, 2013

Jul 04

While criminals are always on the lookout for when a business seems most susceptible to a break-in, there are specific times when they do the most damage.

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Declassified Business Security File #2

// posted on Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jun 11

When it comes to preventing and solving crimes, surveillance video is only as good as the person looking at it. But what if the cameras could learn to spot suspicious behavior before a crime is committed?

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