A nun, a house painter and a drifter walk into a nuclear facility… If that sounds like the beginning to a bad joke, that's because it is.

Last July, an 82-year-old nun and two other fellow activists made their way past fences and security sensors on their way into the Y-12 complex, a Nuclear Security Administration facility called the "Fort Knox" of uranium, and spray-painted antiwar slogans on the exterior of a structure for storage of weapons-grade uranium…. spending several hours in the complex without any trouble. Then, on Wednesday, May 8, almost a year later, the three were convicted of interfering with national security and damaging the facility, possibly sending them to jail for 30 years each.

The incident has raised eyebrows and provided a wake-up call to many security professionals across the world. While the three claim they had no malicious intent, it's been reported that prosecutors argued the act was a serious security breach that continues to disrupt operations at the facility. The defending attorneys argued that the three are being made scapegoats for an embarrassing situation. In way, it is frightening to think what could have happened had someone more sinister tried to break in... But perhaps they were too assuming by the "Fort Knox" moniker to even attempt such a feat or think it possible. Whatever the case, this incident provides a prime opportunity to evaluate your own situation.

Is your business a frequent victim of graffiti?

Do people often trespass?

What kind of security are you using and what kind of holes may there be in it?

Physical security, an incredibly important aspect for proper safety, provides a primary buffer against criminal activity. When used in tandem with security technology, such as surveillance cameras, behavioral analytics software and access control, it helps ensure you employ several layers of security so your business doesn't experience a "Y-12" incident.

Not sure where your security's holes may be? Hire a reputable, professional security company to perform a security risk assessment and provide an analysis of your security. In short, theses assessments analyze the threats and vulnerabilities facing an entity while providing guidance on key areas that need to be addressed when developing a comprehensive and effective security plan and suggesting optimal security solutions and measures to reduce the likelihood of a threat developing.

Don't allow your business or organization to become the butt of a bad joke. Make sure your security is ready for anything criminals throws at you... even 82-year-old nuns. Ask about our security assessments today.

For more information on our free security risk assessments or how we can help you increase your security while decreasing your costs, email rcavanagh@cgiprotects.com or call 504.483.7811.


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