$500,000? Not a bad haul for nine people.

What is bad is that Duke Energy is one of the latest victims of a growing threat to businesses across the United States: Copper theft. While Duke's situation was somewhat unique in that employees and former employees pulled off the heist over four years, many other businesses are discovering thieves target them for easy pay days by doing similar things.

In a world where the simplest things can often bring a company to its knees, it's interesting to note that little is typically done to prevent security breaches. Thefts of copper, brass and other valuable metals have become common as the cost of metal has risen. Thieves often will pull copper piping in homes under construction and cut brass fittings off office-building emergency fire hoses for easy scores. This type of theft is increasingly becoming one of single the biggest headaches for businesses. Not only are these metals increasingly valuable, access to it is generally pretty easy. Most construction sites or holding areas leave these items out in plain site, with little or no security in place to protect it.

Like any other company asset, copper needs to be accounted for and managed. Businesses concerned with protecting their assets should have a security risk assessment performed by a reputable security firm. It is essential to make sure the premises has all the appropriate security precautions needed. Guard Services and Video Monitoring solutions, such as surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and access control systems, can greatly help reduce loss via theft. These systems can play a large role in deterring crime, often identifying and preventing potential breaches before they can occur.

Crescent Guardian has the means and capabilities to add video to any company's security mix, and guards to respond to potential security breaches -- saving a tremendous amount of time and money in prosecuting and trying to recover lost goods. 

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