Security guards are trained extensively to spot and respond to all kinds of threats. From suspicious people, vehicles, unattended bags… you name it. But there will invariably be threats from the unexpected, including being attacked by the earth.

Summer Bay Resort, a hotel 10 miles west of Disney World, is swallowed by the earth. Fortunately, a security guard made quick decisions that saved over 20 lives.Sinkholes, for example, have become big news lately as sneaky assassins taking out roads, homes and businesses in a single, earth-shaking gulp. There have been incredible instances of sinkholes instantly appearing in states across the country, even in our home base of Louisiana. It is exactly these sort of surprise threats where having a person dedicated to security is invaluable.

Crescent Guardian likes to celebrate the actions of individuals who have made us proud to be a part of the security industry. Richard Shanley, a security guard at a resort hotel 10 miles west of Florida's Disney World, has been credited with saving the lives of more than 20 guests through his situational awareness and quick, fearless actions. Not only did he recognize the imminent collapse of a building due to shifting limestone, but he ran end to end of the building ensuring everyone had evacuated.

Whether there is a medical emergency, fire or some type of crime, security guards like Mr. Shanley prove that when the heat rises you want someone who can handle and mitigate the situation with ease. We salute Mr. Shanley and all those, our team included, who spot and react to threats from above, around, and especially below their charge.

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