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Aug 06

 8 Simple 'Back To School' Security Tips - Keeping Children SafeAs the new school year draws closer, teachers and staff are scrambling to prepare for their incoming students. From developing lesson plans and dressing up classrooms to organizing files and holding meetings, it’s almost go time for schools. But recently, one of the most important aspects of preparing for the school year has become security.

While it is unfortunate to say, today's educational institutions must prepare for the worst while hoping for the best. It is the only way to help reduce the risk of an incident becoming yet another tragedy.

Children deserve to feel and be safe, especially in environments where they learn, play and grow into the future of our cities, nation and world. That’s why we here at Crescent Guardian would like to share these simple tips that can be implemented along with any security plans that have been instituted at your school.


  • On a daily basis, make sure all classroom windows are locked
  • Distribute lists that notify staff who share copies of which keys
  • Designate different doors for entry and exit
  • Establish secure locations/safe rooms for hiding
  • Develop code words for intercom use that alerts staff and students of specific situations
  • Form teams so every member knows what role to perform in an emergency
  • Train faculty and staff how to defuse potentially violent situations
  • Turn off all lights in a room to signify to first responders that no one is in the room or to give that illusion to any possible perpetrators

For Further Assistance

Crescent Guardian is using its 20 years of experience in the public and private sector to offer holistic security solutions to interested school systems -- as there is no greater 'asset' we can safeguard than our children's safety. Our school-specific consultancy works with every type of school (K – 12, public, private, chartered and higher education) to identify potential security gaps and offer a full service, comprehensive assessment and recommendations for building stronger security.

Crescent Guardian is committed to the safety and security of our students and teachers. Let us work with you to find the right solutions.

  • Overall School Safety and Security Assessment
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning
  • Crisis Planning
  • Situational Awareness and Multi-System Integration
  • Security Risk Management - Identification, Assessment, and Prioritization of risks
  • Measurement of Risk Reduction
  • Evaluate effectiveness of the programs
  • Train personnel for effective security management

For more information on these school security consulting services,
please call (504) 483-7811 or email

Together, we can create safer and more secure learning environments for our children.

Aug 02

(CNN) - A State Department travel alert Friday said al-Qaida may launch attacks in the Middle East, North Africa and beyond, as the United States is closing 21 embassies and consulates Sunday as a precaution.

The alert says al-Qaida and affiliated organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks both in the region and beyond, and that they may focus efforts to conduct attacks in the period between now and the end of August. The alert also warns that "terrorists may elect to use a variety of means and weapons and target both official and private interests."

A U.S. official told CNN the embassy closures were because of "more than the usual chatter" about a potential terrorist threat, which was not specific about time and location. It was "directed at American targets overseas," but may not be confined to main diplomatic facilities, the official said. 

Jul 23


Do you have an eye for security? Here's your chance to prove it. Try to find all five security threats in the image below in less than 20 seconds.

If a security team has not yet integrated behavioral analytics into their surveillance camera system, which can spot and prevent threats before they can become crimes, then they must rely on human eyes to watch and catch everything.

Now you get to test yourself and see how well you'd do watching one camera.


The Pope, Security Personnel and You

// posted on Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jul 17

The Pope is heading to Brazil next week, and so is a massive security force—Technically, a small army. The head of the Catholic church is visiting Rio de Janeiro July 22-28 for World Youth Day, a major Roman Catholic event that is expected to draw more than 1.5 million pilgrims to the city.

According to the defense ministry, which is coordinating the security, 7,000 police will beef up the city's 12,000 police, in addition to 1,700 members of the elite National Force and units of the civilian, highway and federal police forces." It is also boosting from an initial 8,500 to 10,266 the number of army, air force and navy personnel to be deployed for the high-profile event, which will handle security in 10 areas, including control of the airspace, border surveillance, chemical and biological weapons, explosives trade, maritime defense and cyber-security.

That's quite a force to be reckoned with, but you can be sure criminals and terrorists are looking for gaps in that protection. Even with the best security programs, there is always a chance that criminal activity will occur. Most crimes occur because the criminal found the right opportunity to act. The criminal’s inclination and the victim came together at a time and place where the criminal felt they could successfully commit the crime with minimal risk of interference or apprehension. That is, the criminal found circumstances and conditions to be within their comfort zone. The key is to make criminals feel as though the cost of committing a crime is too high and not worth attempting.

So then, what is a business executive or person not quite on the level of the Pope but still concerned with safety whether at home or when traveling? Typically, the answer involves hiring personnel who can watch their back. Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in the need for armed security personnel accompanying executives on overseas travel. Armed guards offer the client peace of mind and can also be a very effective deterrent. For a more specific example and all too common occurrence, an executive traveling in a somewhat hostile country in South America can be accosted by a potential kidnapper. An armed guard is able to efficiently protect the executive and send the would-be kidnapper on their way without incident.

Security is almost never cut and dry—Meaning it typically takes a lot of planning and preparation. So while armed security guards often provide the best option for those concerned with safety while traveling, it is imperative the client discuss their situation with a qualified security firm so that a risk assessment can be performed. Even if you aren't the Pope with an armada of security surrounding you, there are options that will keep you safe and give you peace of mind.

For more information on guard services or other security solutions,
email or call 504.483.7811.

Jul 11

If a security team has not yet integrated behavioral analytics into their surveillance camera system, which can spot and prevent threats before they can become crimes, then they must rely on human eyes to watch and catch everything. Test yourself to see how well you'd do watching one camera.


Declassified Business Security File #3

// posted on Thursday, July 04, 2013

Jul 04

While criminals are always on the lookout for when a business seems most susceptible to a break-in, there are specific times when they do the most damage.

Drag the image below to your desktop to see a larger version.

Declassified Business Security File #2

// posted on Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jun 11

When it comes to preventing and solving crimes, surveillance video is only as good as the person looking at it. But what if the cameras could learn to spot suspicious behavior before a crime is committed?

Drag the image below to your desktop to see a larger version.

Preventing crime with new surveillance camera technology

// posted on Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Jun 04


When it comes to preventing and solving crimes, surveillance video is only as good as the person looking at it. But what if the cameras could learn to spot suspicious behavior before a crime is committed?

After the Boston marathon bombings, it was surveillance and other photos that helped catch the two suspects.

Now there's a company that says those same cameras can prevent crimes like that from happening in the first place.

It's a software program tied into existing surveillance cameras and it looks for suspicious or out-of-the-ordinary behavior. Police are then alerted to this suspicious activity.

To watch the full story, click on news clip above from KPRC-TV in Houston.

In one actual surveillance video, captured in an undisclosed location outside of Houston at a train platform, a man put something suspicious under a bench. The camera noticed it and placed a red box around it, alerting authorities.

"We are trying to identify through video feeds what anomalous behavior is occurring," said Ray Cavanagh with software technology company Crescent Guardian. "If it's something out of the ordinary, it warrants a second look and should be responded."

It's not just packages. The software highlights other odd events, like video of a car following a train through a tunnel or where someone left a bag unintended.

In all these cases police or others were notified.

While none of these examples took place in the Houston area, Cavanagh said he has clients in Houston. For security reasons though, he can't disclose specifically what offices or agencies.

"It's not a magic pill in and of itself," said Cavanagh. "The video is out there. We know the video systems exist."

Cavanagh said outfitting an existing camera with this technology could run $5,000.

"Most importantly of all, what's the cost of a human life?" said Cavanagh. "A human life is worth trying to save and so if there are security events that we can prevent, such as some of the events that have occurred recently, it's well worth the price."

Visit KPRC-TV's website to see the original story.



May 23

Recently, Time Magazine published an article titled Homeland Insecurity: After Boston, The Struggle Between Liberty and Security. The piece questions at what point does the increased threat of terrorism encroach on our right to privacy. Well, as the world becomes more populated and potential threats rise, this very hot topic will continue to grow.

In short, the TIME article states, “With al-Qaeda weakened abroad but self-taught, wi-fi-empowered jihadis increasingly a threat at home, balancing freedom and security is an old problem we’ll have to get used to once again."

Security is a way of life in today’s world, and yet, all Americans deserve the right to their individual freedom. So, how can we strike a balance?

The article points to video surveillance and its intrusion on all individuals regardless of the possibility of security threats. While I believe that all individuals deserve their right to freedom, I equally believe that we deserve to be protected, or as protected as can be, from senseless and arbitrary violence.

The article goes on to say, “The failure to detect the brothers’ [Tsarnaev] plot seemed to some like a replay of 9/11, when communication failures between U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement services blew a chance to stop the attacks.”

In today’s world, video exists, whether we like it or not. Whether it is from stationary cameras posted on stoplights and street corners, or cameras in retails stores or offices, or on phones and handheld devices, it is everywhere. It is used most often as a forensic tool – evaluating situations after a breach occurs, such as breaking and entering, holdups, or even more violent acts of crime.

Although a camera captures images of all those in its field of view – perpetrator and victim alike – it is really only those who have had a hand in illegal acts that have cause for concern. According to Time’s article, authorities have identified a total of 21 homegrown jihadist-inspired terrorist plots and two attacks in the eight years after 9/11, and U.S. law enforcement made 42 arrests from May 2009 to December 2012. So whether it is acknowledged or not, the threat is real and it is here.

Now, take the fact that the average attention span of a security guard viewing CCTV feeds peaks at only 20 minutes. Given fatigue and other human factors, such as the blinking of an eye or some type of distraction, a high probability exists that some behavior will be missed. Fortunately, there are new tools, such as behavioral analytics, that assist human eyes by taking these video feeds and highlighting the potential threats while ignoring normal or ongoing behavior. This allows security personnel to anticipate possible threats and act accordingly. 

Not all potential threats can be acted upon and stopped before they occur, sometimes, because there is not enough warning. But the solutions such as behavioral analytics bypass the burden of needing human eyes staring at hundreds and hundreds of minutes of video footage 24x7, enabling primarily potential threats to be highlighted. At that point, experienced security personnel can decide if the threat is real and if it warrants further investigation.

By reducing the requirement to view all footage all the time, it does not offer greater liberty, but does put the emphasis squarely on prevention of threats rather than reacting to them after the fact.

We at Crescent Guardian believe it is every citizen’s right to civil liberties, but we also believe it is every citizen’s right to expect safety and security measures to protect us from harm. Continued vigilance by our citizens is the best way to reduce threats, but a helping hand from technology can go a long way to helping in the fight against crime and terrorism.

Fo more information on "smart" cameras and behavioral analytics, email or call 504-483-7811.

Read the entire Time Magazine article here -

Can An 82-Year-Old Beat Your Security?

// posted on Friday, May 10, 2013

May 10

A nun, a house painter and a drifter walk into a nuclear facility… If that sounds like the beginning to a bad joke, that's because it is.

Last July, an 82-year-old nun and two other fellow activists made their way past fences and security sensors on their way into the Y-12 complex, a Nuclear Security Administration facility called the "Fort Knox" of uranium, and spray-painted antiwar slogans on the exterior of a structure for storage of weapons-grade uranium…. spending several hours in the complex without any trouble. Then, on Wednesday, May 8, almost a year later, the three were convicted of interfering with national security and damaging the facility, possibly sending them to jail for 30 years each.

The incident has raised eyebrows and provided a wake-up call to many security professionals across the world. While the three claim they had no malicious intent, it's been reported that prosecutors argued the act was a serious security breach that continues to disrupt operations at the facility. The defending attorneys argued that the three are being made scapegoats for an embarrassing situation. In way, it is frightening to think what could have happened had someone more sinister tried to break in... But perhaps they were too assuming by the "Fort Knox" moniker to even attempt such a feat or think it possible. Whatever the case, this incident provides a prime opportunity to evaluate your own situation.

Is your business a frequent victim of graffiti?

Do people often trespass?

What kind of security are you using and what kind of holes may there be in it?

Physical security, an incredibly important aspect for proper safety, provides a primary buffer against criminal activity. When used in tandem with security technology, such as surveillance cameras, behavioral analytics software and access control, it helps ensure you employ several layers of security so your business doesn't experience a "Y-12" incident.

Not sure where your security's holes may be? Hire a reputable, professional security company to perform a security risk assessment and provide an analysis of your security. In short, theses assessments analyze the threats and vulnerabilities facing an entity while providing guidance on key areas that need to be addressed when developing a comprehensive and effective security plan and suggesting optimal security solutions and measures to reduce the likelihood of a threat developing.

Don't allow your business or organization to become the butt of a bad joke. Make sure your security is ready for anything criminals throws at you... even 82-year-old nuns. Ask about our security assessments today.

For more information on our free security risk assessments or how we can help you increase your security while decreasing your costs, email or call 504.483.7811.


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