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Crescent Guardian Security Company

Transport News: Groundbreaking Fleet Technology Released

Your fleet can now be faster, safer & more effective with Crescent Guardian's state-of-the-art Vehicle Permission Switch (VPS), technology that is revolutionizing how the transportation industry operates.

Additional Benefits
  • Adheres to Federal Compliancy Requirements
  • Reduces insurance premiums
  • Enforces OSHA policies 
  • Reduces liabilities and risk for litigation from unauthorized use 
  • Automated Authorized Operation
  • Identifies person, time, route
  • Prevents unauthorized use
  • Anti-theft capability
  • Shut down engine capabilities
  • Ensures adherence to licensing requirements
  • Low Oil and High Temperature Alert
  • and more...
This system can be installed ON ANY MAKE/MODEL gas, LPG, diesel or electric machine, including buses, trucks, cranes and a wide variety of other transport vehicles.

This technology is all part of Crescent Guardian's goal for helping you simplify security and technology to save you time and money.

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