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Crescent Guardian Security Company

Security Director News highlights Crescent Guardian's work at Port Fourchon

Busy Louisiana port deploys behavioral analytics

BRS Labs' system complements facility's next-generation security

LAFOURCHE, La. — Port Fourchon, here, is implementing a behavioral analytics system, and the director of technology believes this port's security will become among the best in the nation.

AISight, from BRS Labs and integrated by Crescent Guardian uses video feeds to "learn" behavior and sends an alert when it finds something unusual going on. First responders receive "as-they-happen" alerts and can respond in real time.

The system does not require "up-front rules." "In the past you had to write a rule for every camera, even if there were a thousand cameras. Anticipating everything that could arise is impossible," said Ray Cavanagh, vice president of Crescent Guardian.


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