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Securing Louisiana's Port Fourchon No Small Task - Daily Comet Newspaper

Crescent Guardian talks securing Louisiana's Port Fourchon, one of the nation's most critical ports, with The Daily Comet Newspaper

When guarding an area the size of Port Fourchon, it helps to learn as one goes.

Securing the port is a joint effort encompassing local, state and federal agencies. Those agencies are aided by smart cameras that actually “learn” the norm to draw the attention of authorities when things go differently.

“The popular belief is because we are a port we only have to patrol water,” said Chief of Harbor Police Jon Callais. “But the majority of our force has to patrol land.”

Callais said water patrols preventing ship damage and environmental pollution is part of their task, but most of the police are focused on dry ground.

The port serves as the staging point for much of the Gulf’s energy exploration and production. The sheer amount of money passing through port facilities adds to the security challenge.

“It’s in the hundreds of millions in equipment that is coming in and out of the port and being laid down for a day or two or three before it gets on a vessel,” said Greater Lafourche Port Commission Director Chett Chiasson.

Callais said theft is the most common concern, though police must also respond to calls about fighting and other crimes that go along with alcohol consumption. The port leases land to companies. The companies are responsible for securing their property, but the local police force also patrols the leased property, Callais said.

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