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Ports Need A Long-term Strategy - CGI's VP featured in AAPA Winter Seaports publication

Our own vice president, Ray Cavanagh, was recently featured in the AAPA's Winter Seaports publication as he discussed the need for ports to enact long-term strategies for security.

Ports Need A Long-Term Strategy 

The Department of Homeland Security has made securing the nation's seaports one of its top priorities since the 9/11 terror attacks. Implementing security solutions that are both cost effective and friendly to the environment is now paramount to safeguarding our nation’s future, a future that depends on us developing a long-term strategy that anticipates threats and adapts to trends.

In a peek at the future of security, Louisiana’s Port Fourchon recently deployed next generation behavioral analytics software to accompany its recently installed advanced video surveillance system. This incredible system began to operate immediately, generating alerts, alarms and learning behavior from the beginning—Making it one of the easiest, most effective systems to install and use.

The software instantly recognizes anything out of the ordinary and automatically sends alerts to officials, without needing to be programmed to do so. This breakthrough ensures that first responders in Port Fourchon are receiving “as they happen” alerts, ultimately improving response times and increasing situational awareness.

History has shown our seaports can be vulnerable, but I believe the solution at Port Fourchon was a watershed moment for ports around the world and will provide a much-needed long-term strategy to helping keep our nation safe.

Ray Cavanagh
Vice President
Crescent Guardian, Inc.
New Orleans, Louisiana

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