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Crescent Guardian Security Company

New School Safety Program Analyzes Modern Threats

(New Orleans) – Crescent Guardian, Inc., an award-winning, full service security firm specializing in advanced technology designed to simplify security, is using its 20 years of experience in the public and private sector to help better protect schools across the nation. As part of the CGI’s commitment to the safety of students, teachers and staff everywhere, the company is offering free security tips to schools and is also enacting security assessment and consultation opportunities for qualified school systems to enhance overall security infrastructure.

Crescent Guardian’s school-specific consultancy is designed to work with large school systems that include any type of educational institution (K – 12, public, private, chartered and higher education) and identifies potential security gaps. The comprehensive assessment helps develop stronger security for school systems and avert possible crises. The consultancy may include overall school safety and security assessment, emergency preparedness planning, crisis planning, situational awareness and multi-system integration, security risk management - identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks, measurement of risk reduction, evaluation of effectiveness of the programs and the training of personnel for effective security management.

”Everyone deserves to feel safe,” said Ray Cavanagh, Crescent Guardian’s vice president. “And that feeling is especially important in environments where children learn, play and grow.”

Heads of school systems interested in seeing if their schools qualify for a security assessment should email or call 504-483-7811 for more information.

Simple security tips schools can implement immediately to help increase safety:

  • On a daily basis, make sure all classroom windows are locked
  • Distribute lists that notify staff who share copies of which keys
  • Designate different doors for entry and exit
  • Establish secure locations/safe rooms for hiding
  • Develop code words for intercom use that alerts staff and students of specific situations
  • Form teams so every member knows what role to perform in an emergency
  • Train faculty and staff how to defuse potentially violent situations
  • Turn off all lights in a room to give the appearance that no one is in the room

Crescent Guardian stresses that security for school campuses incorporates more than just guarding against intrusions, but also includes theft, vandalism and other crises through proper planning, prevention and deterrence. A comprehensive security strategy for all situations is essential to providing safer environments.

Crescent Guardian, headquartered in New Orleans with offices in Atlanta, Boston and Dallas, has served the federal, state, municipal, commercial, oil, pharmaceutical and critical infrastructure industries for over 20 years. The firm's professional portfolio includes: armed/unarmed guard services, security consulting, program management, IP video surveillance, RFID tracking, asset management, video analytics, and more.


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