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Market-Leading AISight® System Now Available As A Managed Cloud Service

New Offering Dramatically Lowers Cost of Entry and Accelerates Deployment for Small and Medium Businesses

Crescent Guardian, integrator of the award-winning AISight® software that autonomously learns and alerts on unexpected behavior through surveillance footage, is proud to offer BRS Labs' AISight both as onsite software and as a managed cloud service. This new service offering delivers the benefits of AISight’s behavioral recognition technology through a monthly subscription model, rather than requiring an up-front investment in hardware and software. Other benefits include lower ongoing operational costs and full deployment in as little as 48 hours.

Crescent Guardian is pleased to offer smaller enterprises the same top-level protection enjoyed by their larger counterparts. The AISight behavioral recognition system builds real-time alerts by teaching itself to recognize unexpected behaviors within data streams generated by video surveillance cameras and other sensors. This self-learning, smarter approach to automated situational awareness helps users such as security guards make faster safety and security decisions without overwhelming staff with large numbers of non-critical alerts.

 Most organizations need real-time situational awareness, but many can’t afford the overhead and are forced to accept less protection than desired. In response, this service combines the power of AISight with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of enterprise-grade cloud services.

This elite security product, typically reserved for large corporations and government entities, brings a groundbreaking combination of speed, scalability, accuracy and affordability to video surveillance for the small and medium businesses (SMBs) market.
“It’s a game-changer,” said Ray Cavanagh, vice president of Crescent Guardian. “This service ensures that any company or entity that wants top of the line security can afford it.”

The AISight managed cloud service meets the safety and security needs of small and medium businesses with remote and outdoor facilities. These organizations have critical assets that require real-time protection, but the cost of professional security staff means that these areas typically aren’t monitored for unexpected activity. The AISight managed cloud service gives these organizations the ability to recognize potentially dangerous situations as they develop through automated, accurate alerts presented in an easy-to-use format.

“Whether your preference is total local control or optimized price-per-feed, AISight is the only scalable analytics solution that helps you recognize unexpected activity in real time,” said Ray Davis, Chief Executive Officer of BRS Labs.

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