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    Louisiana Governor Appoints Crescent Guardian’s CEO to State’s Security Board

Marian H. Pierre and her company Crescent Guardian helped secure 2013's Super Bowl

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has appointed security expert Marian H. Pierre, the CEO and founder of locally-based Crescent Guardian, Inc., to the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners (LSBPSE). Pierre, who has over two decades of experience and will represent District 3, gives the board a respected presence to help guide the state's security industry in today's unpredictable world.

Pierre, recommended by State Senator Wesley Bishop and State Representative Joe Bouie, joins the LSBPSE as a risk management specialist responsible for helping "police" the state's security industry and elevating its proficiency.
Louisiana Governor Appoints Crescent Guardian’s CEO Marian H. Pierre to Bolster State’s Security BoardHer company, Crescent Guardian, is an award-winning national security firm that served the federal, state, municipal, commercial, energy, pharmaceutical, and critical infrastructure industries for over 23 years, including securing 2013’s Super Bowl in New Orleans.

"I am incredibly honored to assist the governor with securing our state," Pierre said. "It's been my life's mission to work on providing the great people of Louisiana with a safe place to live, grow, and call home."

Composed of nine of the state's top security professionals selected by the governor, the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners is an agency of the state government in the Department of Public Safety and Corrections. This newly appointed board, which runs through the governor's term and meets quarterly with LSBPSE Executive Secretary Fabian Blache, acts as a regulatory board for private security in the state and is tasked with ensuring the industry is in-tune with the latest technology, trends, and best practices.

"Security is a challenging job that requires eternal vigilance," Pierre said. "Security professionals face an unending wave of criminals and terrorists looking to exploit any gap. It's up to us to make sure every single security guard in the state is licensed, trained, and prepared."

As criminals become more calculated and tech-savvy, it is up to security professionals to stay several steps ahead—a goal the governor expects the board to meet and Pierre believes will be a core focus.

"In today's unpredictable world, it's critical we integrate physical security, like guards and access points, with IT security such as smart surveillance that learns environment behavior. Security needs to be proactive as opposed to reactive, and that is one of our goals," Pierre said.

About Marian H. Pierre and Crescent Guardian
Over the last 23 years, Marian H. Pierre has transformed the award-winning Crescent Guardian, Inc. from a local guard services company protecting local businesses into an advanced national security firm equipped with next-generation technology that secures critical infrastructure across the country. The company, which now has additional offices in Atlanta and Dallas, is relied upon by a variety of clients in Federal, State, Municipal, Commercial, Energy, and Critical Infrastructure.


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