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Is Your Business Prepared For Disaster?

In the event of a disaster like Superstorm Sandy, which disrupted more than 455,000 businesses in New York and New Jersey last October, most companies focus on the big picture... such as protecting employees and equipment. That is why prior to a disaster, a business should have a plan in place for information technology and physical security.

Below are some tips from Crescent Guardian's own vice president, Ray Cavanagh, a board member of the American Society for Industrial Security's Physical Security Council.


  • Bring in a security analyst to conduct an assessment and discover your greatest risks
  • Consider redundant or backup systems so if your primary system or provider fails you can still operate.
  • Store important data on the cloud so it can be accessed whenever, wherever
  • Install video surveillance systems you can monitor remotely to keep tabs on your building and assets
  • Create a communications plan that doesn't rely entirely on landlines or wireless/cellular devices
  • Keep a generator on hand to access power on an as needed basis

Better prepare your company for disasters through our business security and risk assessments. Call 504-483-7811 or email to learn more.

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