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The Reality of Single Actor Attacks

The Reality of Single Actor Attack:
An increasing importance on converging physical & IT security

It is difficult to imagine a worse day for a CIO, CSO, CTO or company representative, who, after being told that a major security breach has occurred on their watch, has to deal with responding to a media request to confirm or deny a massive attack has occurred – much less the ensuing multitude of severely displeased customer queries. But it happens, and it happens often.

Breaches in security, especially on the cyber scale, are particularly detrimental because they expose flaws and shortcomings in the most delicate sector of a business’ domain.  As technology advances at an exponential rate, so does the amount of techniques for manipulating it.

“As criminals and hackers become more tech-savvy and daring, it is up to security professionals to help businesses stay several steps ahead,” said Ray Cavanagh, a board member of the American Society for Industrial Security’s Physical Security Council and the Vice President of the security company Crescent Guardian.

“To do this, companies and corporate security personnel need to increase their vigilance and recognize the importance that convergence of physical and IT security affords. Together, once siloed assets will play a larger role in better anticipating threats, adapting to trends and increasing the ability to anticipate potential areas of vulnerabilities, counter penetration efforts of opportunity, and thwart targeted attacks across the spectrum.”

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