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Crescent Guardian and NControl Announce New Strategic Partnership

October 31, 2013

Security Leaders Launch Collaboration to Advance RFID Asset Tracking Services

(NEW ORLEANS) -- Crescent Guardian, Inc., an award-winning national security firm providing physical security and technology solutions across the United States, and NControl Security Integrations, the leading provider of radio-frequency identification (RFID) asset tracking services, have announced a new strategic partnership to arm clients with the absolute latest capabilities needed to fully protect their buildings, assets and people.

NControl will partner with Crescent Guardian to integrate its suite of revolutionary asset tracking systems including NEAT Lite, NEAT and NEAT Enterprise into Crescent Guardian’s vast portfolio of security solutions. These systems can track and trace people and assets, and work with existing access control. This is an invaluable tool to deter unauthorized access and theft while also saving the end-user money on potential asset retrieval, criminal arrest and prosecution.

“NControl has taken a clear leadership position by investing in the advancement and future of RFID,” said Crescent Guardian vice president Ray Cavanagh. “Their cutting-edge products will help Crescent Guardian deliver to clients the most cost-effective, top level security available.”

The collaboration between Crescent Guardian and NControl will allow businesses, government entities and other clients to enhance their security through superior accountability and situational awareness by offering state-of-the-art solutions.

“Crescent Guardian has a reputation for putting together some of the most cost effective security solutions in the nation,” said Nicholas Knoerzer, general manager of NControl. “It was only natural for us to pair our advanced RFID products with a company of their caliber.”

This entry-level Asset Tracking System includes tracking software loaded on a NEAT Lite System Computer. Plug your RFID readers into the network, start the NEAT Lite computer, and start tracking. This system can grow as your asset tracking and security needs increase.

The NEAT System takes Security and Asset Tracking to the next level by offering a group of Rule-Sets that can be used to perform “on-demand” actions when required. This scalable system can track different types of assets, determine asset directionality, control doors, generate workstation alarms, activate Video Cameras and offers two-man rule of increased security.

NEAT Enterprise
NEAT Enterprise is a complete Asset Tracking and Reporting system with all the functionality for NEAT that is designed for large-scale installations where multiple locations are monitored. Integrating NControl RFID Software with your Access Control requirements significantly improves your system’s competitive advantage. NEAT Enterprise gathers asset information from multiple locations and displays the information on a single user interface. It is ideal for businesses that need to monitor security and assets in multiple locations.

About Crescent Guardian

Crescent Guardian, headquartered in New Orleans with offices in Atlanta, Boston and Dallas, is an award-winning, full service security firm that specializes in physical security and technology. The company has served the federal, state, municipal, commercial, energy, pharmaceutical and critical infrastructure industries for over 20 years. Visit for more information.


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