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ASIS Chicago Session Highlights

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Presented by Crescent Guardian's vice president and ASIS Physical Security For Cloud Computing Council board member Ray Cavanagh.

Physical Security in the Cloud

ASIS held its 2013 annual meeting in Chicago this September, drawing more than 20,000 security professionals from around the world.

As a member of the ASIS Physical Security Council, Crescent Guardian’s vice president Ray Cavanagh attended a council meeting to discuss current trends and topics of concern for security professionals. The focus of this meeting was distinctly upon the ability for security personnel to be instantly notified of potential security breaches via handheld devices.

It’s clear that the days of remediation are behind us as everyone is focusing on prevention. With that in mind, Mr. Cavanagh hosted an information session and discussion on Physical Security in the Cloud; exploring ways modern entities are protecting themselves in the 21st century.

Session Overview

Handheld devices and cloud-based applications have become the new standard for managing and viewing all aspects of physical security, including video monitoring and access control. With this move to online access of applications, physical security professionals must incorporate concerns about cyber security into their repertoire.

This session was designed to examine how physical and cyber security teams must work together to protect all assets, including data management and physical devices. The interactive discussion explored current trends and usage of both public and private cloud environments, and the risks and benefits of cloud computing for physical security.

Synopsis of Information Session

Last year at ASIS Mr. Cavanagh discussed the coming convergence of physical security in the IT world. This year it has become a reality for all but a few. Although many organizations continue to move from an analog to a digital world in terms of video and access control, the conversations no longer revolve around  “when?” but rather “”how?”

The advent of PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) systems has dramatically increased situational awareness and given security professionals a more efficient way to prevent rather than remediate security breaches. Most digital solutions today can alert personnel via some form of wireless communication (cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi), but the advent of the PSIM solutions enables operators to consolidate the information and alerts thereby distributing them efficiently through a common GUI (graphical user interface). The ability to collect and correlate data from disparate systems allows users to quickly identify security breaches and respond proactively, enabling efficient resolution for security concerns.

The advantages of this integration lead to increased efficiency and reduced cost. Imagine the cost savings of prevention rather than remediation… No need to identify, detain, arrest, and prosecute for petty crimes. In the past security systems (particularly video) were used to record incidents and prosecute offenders. It is vastly more cost-effective to prevent potential crimes, and quick response is the key.

At this juncture in the discussion, the topic of Analytics came up. Analytics for video systems has been around for a while, but the difficulty of setting them up, managing, and maintaining the databases and rules made it almost impossible to use effectively. With new technologies, software can “learn” behaviors and identify patterns outside of the norm, alerting security personnel who can view the video and determining whether or not to dispatch a responder. These new systems still require some tweaking, because in the early stages of use, all patterns are new. But as the software is used and managed over time (clearing alerts and alarms and informing the software of longer range patterns), it can be quite useful in the prevention of threats.

The presentation and discussion ran over the one hour allocated for the topic and many of the discussion points dealt with the pros and cons of various brands of camera systems, access control, analytics, etc. Suffice to say that the advance of digital communication has come full force to physical security, and the mantra today more than ever is to prevent rather than remediate.


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About Ray Cavanagh


ASIS Physical Security Council, Board Member
ASIS Physical Security For Cloud Computing Council, Board Member
Crescent Guardian, Vice President
Mr. Cavanagh has over 25 years of experience in handling high technology solutions for Fortune 1000 companies, with a particular focus on the Energy sector, Financial Services, Government and Manufacturing. He specializes in corporate Security, including IT and Network Security, as well as physical security services and technology applications. Mr. Cavanagh holds CVI Certification (Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information) from the Department of Homeland Security (CVI-20100217-104021).

You can contact Mr. Cavanagh at: | (603) 475-9743

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