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Frequently Asked Questions about Behavioral Analytics Software for Surveillance Cameras

Enhancing safety and security, improving real-time response to unfolding events and doing so while saving both time and money is easier than ever by integrating Behavioral Analytics.



➤   What is "Behavioral Analytics" ?

➤   Would I have to get rid of my current surveillance system?

➤   How would Behavioral Analytics save me money?

➤   How is Behavioral Analytics different than video analytics?

➤   Why should I use IP video cameras instead of older analog devices?

➤   How can Behavioral Analytics improve the security for my business?

➤   Why would someone trust this technology over a security guard monitoring cameras?

➤   How difficult is installation?

➤   What about maintenance?

➤   What are the benefits?



What is Behavioral Analytics?

Behavioral analytics is an artificial intelligence solution for video surveillance that teaches itself to recognize and alert you on suspicious behavior across any camera's field of view. It focuses on making security more effective by preventing crime and reducing threats.

This technology helps security personnel spot threats before they can develop by detecting abnormal or suspicious behavior and instantly alerts them. Behavioral analytics was designed to highlight anything out of the ordinary, helping clients achieve maximum efficiency for their security. Think of it as having an all-knowing, all-seeing security guard that never blinks, never gets tired and never misses anything.

The system installs and is productive within days – without custom programming or human intervention. This highly automated solution works with a wide range of cameras and networks, in new or existing infrastructures, to dramatically improve situational awareness and risk assessment for organizations seeking real-time threat recognition and response.

 Click here to see news clips of the Behavioral Analytics technology in action.

Would I have to get rid of my current surveillance system?

No. While installing a new, state-of-the-art system may be best for some customers it is not always necessary. Behavioral analytics software can be integrated into most existing systems and use your current surveillance cameras.

Some clients prefer to also upgrade their entire surveillance system while they are having the behavioral analytics software installed so as to implement a state-of-the-art system, which can often reduce overall security expenditure while increasing coverage. However, most times a client can utilize their current system.

How would Behavioral Analytics save me money?

Behavioral analytics helps your security achieve maximum efficiency and prevents crime against your business, reducing potential costs in a number of areas.

Behavioral analytics can help significantly reduce your cost for repairing damage, restoring or recouping lost property/assets, paying higher insurance premiums, losing man-hours and other business cycle-related disruptions, such as lost revenues—taxes on wages earned, sales made, etc. It can also help protect against the costs (both time and monetarily) of investigating, apprehending and prosecuting an offender.

Standard video surveillance without behavioral analytics is used most often as a forensic tool – evaluating situations after a breach or crime occurs, such as breaking and entering, holdups or even more violent acts of crime. Experiencing these situations can be a costly process that drains your time, resources and money while searching for and prosecuting criminals—without giving any true benefit.

Behavioral analytics on the other hand can help you avoid that type of situation altogether by preventing crime against your business and minimizing any threats. This drastically reduces the possibility of having your assets stolen, facility damaged or other crimes as well as remediation costs.

Systems utilizing behavioral analytics also create more efficiency for your security personnel, allowing their effectiveness to be maximized by concentrating only on legitimate threats not false alarms.

How is Behavioral Analytics different than video analytics?

Behavioral analytics is next generation software that essentially allows the user to “set it and forget it,” making it one of the easiest, most effective systems to install and use.

Traditional video analytic software can only compare captured video activity to a list of preprogrammed objects and scenarios. It requires the costly setup of tripwires, zones of interest, and scene boundaries. The problem with this kind of system is that rules must be written for every camera since they will all have different views and encounter different potential threats. In addition, the operator needs to anticipate every potential threat, which is not really feasible. Initial setup and subsequent maintenance is labor intensive, has demonstrated a poor return on investment and still may not “catch the bad guy.”

On the other hand, next-generation behavioral analytics packages operate by “learning” behavior through observation—on its own—about the environment and objects it observes in each camera’s field of view. Since its learning is perpetual, behavioral analytics understands which activities commonly occur in any particular scene, bringing attention to objects or behaviors that are out of the ordinary. It begins autonomously learning about every environment it observes from the moment it’s connected to a video network and can send alerts or alarms to a security guard’s handheld unit to facilitate rapid response and stop potential breaches.


Why should I use IP video cameras instead of older analog devices?

IP ("Internet Protocol") video systems deliver high definition megapixel images that are transmitted over an internet or network connection to give its users easy online access with the ability to view images/feeds from anywhere.

Many businesses today still employ older analog camera devices, which, while still useful, is like going from “DVDs” to “high definition Blu-Ray” when compared with IP cameras. IP video cameras are better equipped to provide a higher level of security and create better surveillance footage. The connection to the internet also enables roaming guards to receive real-time alerts through the use of handheld devices, which allows for rapid response to potential threats.


How can Behavioral Analytics improve the security for my business?

Human eyes, especially those viewing surveillance camera monitors, are prone to miss things; behavioral analytics never blink and instantly alerts security personnel of something out of the ordinary.

It’s been proven that the average attention span of a person can wane after only 20 minutes... even for trained observers such as a security guard viewing CCTV feeds. Given fatigue and other human factors, such as the blinking of an eye or some type of distraction, a high probability exists that some behavior will be missed.

Behavioral analytics, which assist human eyes by taking surveillance video feeds and highlighting the potential threats while ignoring normal or ongoing behavior, allows security personnel to anticipate possible threats and act accordingly.

Behavioral analytics bypass the burden of needing human eyes staring at hundreds and hundreds of minutes of video footage 24x7, enabling primarily potential threats to be highlighted. At that point, experienced security personnel can decide if the threat is real and if it warrants further investigation. By reducing the requirement to view all footage all the time, behavioral analytics puts the emphasis squarely on prevention of threats rather than reacting to them after the fact.

Why would someone trust this technology over a security guard monitoring cameras?

We would never advocate using this technology instead of guard monitoring, but rather in conjunction with monitoring.

In any security environment, human response is essential. Having said that, technology never blinks. Studies have shown that a person can only monitor for 20 minutes before beginning to fatigue. The analytics technology can work with guard monitoring, by enabling a guard to only need to view those clips that are unusual or capture anomalous behavior. This keeps the guard sharp and allows them to drill down and look at the entire video scene or call up the live feed to determine next steps. Use of both technology and human intervention is the solution to anticipate or report threats, and personnel to respond and react.

How difficult is installation?

Easy. This software is one of the easiest, most effective systems to install and use.

Whether you are installing the behavioral analytics on a network of 100 or 10,000 cameras, the installation is the same; fast and easy! Where other systems require pre-programmed rules, trip lines, zones, masks and other expensive and time consuming setup for each camera; ours is installed in just a few hours because it learns on its own what should and shouldn’t occur in each camera’s view.

What about maintenance?

Just as easy as installation.

By removing the need for individual camera setup, this system also reduces the cost and resources needed to maintain an intelligent video system. Where legacy systems would require an engineer to reset trip lines, zones, or masks every time a camera was moved or the environment it was viewing changed (by humans or weather); our systems constantly monitor each scene and automatically adjusts and learns new or changing environments.

What are the benefits?

• Enhances situational awareness and risk assessment by applying behavioral recognition technology that's easier to deploy, easier to use, more effective and less expensive to operate than any alternative currently available

• Teaches itself to recognize suspicious behavior within any camera's field of view without custom programming or human intervention

• Uses both new and existing cameras and networks, which dramatically reduces the time and expense associated with deploying and operating intelligent video surveillance 

• Nearly eliminates false alarms, making video surveillance a true real-time solution for intervening as events unfold, rather than a forensic tool used most often after the fact

• Delivers direct visibility into safety issues as well as security, such as automatic recognition of smoke, fire, flooding, static objects vibrating or in motion, etc 

• Integrates easily and transparently with a wide range of VMS and PSIM solutions, including Cisco VSOM/VSMS, VidSys VidShield and RiskShield, Milestone XProtect, Lenel OnGuard, ONSSI Ocularis, Genetech Omnicast, Geutebrück GeViScope and many others


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