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Crescent Guardian Security Company
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Crescent Guardian Security Company


The average attention span of a person can wane after only 20 minutes...
even for trained observers such as a security guard viewing CCTV feeds.

If a security guard watching security monitors is responsible for your safety, how good does it make you feel knowing that he could easily zone out, blink or turn his head and miss something that could threaten your life and/or the lives of others? What if there was technology that could keep watch without missing a beat and prevent crimes in the first place?

There is.

New, advanced surveillance camera technology can now help authorities spot and prevent a threat before it becomes a crime by detecting abnormal or suspicious behavior and instantly alerting appropriate personnel. Think of it as having an all-knowing security guard that never blinks, gets tired or misses anything.

Email or call 504-483.7811 for more information.

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